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Welcome to Cottonseed LLC - Established 1981.

Our feed ingredient products can be found on farms and feed mills throughout North America. Our company also provides cottonseed to customers around the Pacific Rim and in the Middle East.

Our products include:

  • Whole Cottonseed

  • EasiFlo Cottonseed

  • Cottonseed Hulls

  • Canola Meal/Pellets

  • Organic Feed Ingredients

We are committed to sourcing product at origin and delivering it to the customer in the most cost effective, timely manner available.

Our commitment to HACCP controls for whole cottonseed remains a part of our supply chain value to feed mills.

For pricing information into your operation:

Toll Free US: 800-877-5310

Int'l/Direct: +1-608-782-5311

Email (Int'l)

Email (US)

Email (Freight)

Cottonseed LLC
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